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About PRMN

The PRMN (Protection and Return Monitoring Network) is a UNHCR-led project implemented in partnership with NRC which reports on displacements and protection risks and incidents underlying such movements. The figures shown refer to displacements not population balances. Not all displacements in Somalia are captured - only figures collected by PRMN are reported. Figures are based on reports by key informants and displaced households at the place of arrival but in the case of flood-related displacements may also include reports from the place of departure. This dashboard should be read in conjunction with the Notes on PRMN Methodology which outline the approach and certain limitations. More information on Somalia can be found on the UNHCR Somalia Data Portal .


Internal displacement dataset by month, reason and region is available here under CC licence by IGOs. Please attribute data to "UNHCR-led Protection and Return Monitoring Network (PRMN) Somalia".
UNHCR is grateful for the generous contributions of donors who have directly contributed to the UNHCR Somalia Operation in 2020
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