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Composite indicators

  • A way to compile together multiple indicators
  • Allow to capture the complexity of a situation
  • Implies to define a calculation method

Index for locations

Index for Individuals/households

  • Headline money metric measures of poverty has limitations
  • If someone is deprived in a third or more of ten (weighted) indicators, the index identifies them as ‘poor’, and the extent – or intensity – of their poverty is measured by the number of deprivations they are experiencing.

Explore indicator correlations

  • Not too high,
  • not too low…

Decide how to aggregate indicators

  • Indicators that can be added together : Vouchers + Cash
  • Indicators that should be multiplied (no compensability): Access to education & Access to health care

Assess robustness & sensitivity analysis

Ensure that the decision made for normalization, weighting and aggregation have limited effects on the final ranking