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What is KoboToolBox?

KoBo Toolbox is an open-source tool for mobile data collection. It allows you to collect data in the field using mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets, as well as with paper or computers.

The project has been orginally develoipped by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and was then adapted to humanitarian usage in colleaboration with OCHA.

KoBoToolbox was first created in 2009 and has grown over the years to include several projects and initiatives. It includes:

  • FORMBUILDER: Easily create survey forms through an online user interface.

  • MOBILE DATA COLLECTION: Quickly and reliably collect data on Android, iOS, and many other devices, online or offline, in any language and with complex skip logic.

  • ANALYZING DATA: Inspect data moments after it was collected - and download it for advanced analysis in other software in Excel, CSV, KML, and other formats.

Sign up and first login

Visit and create a new account. After your account activation, through the link that was sent to you, you can log in to access your account.

Note that the server is open to non-UNHCR users.

Upload your form

You can now go to project and upload the form designed throught the question library in XlsForm format.

Create users to collect data

More support on KoboToolBox is avaialble form this page

Share projects

Be cautious!

Be very cautious with questionnaire versioning on a kobotoolbox project – i.e. do avoid to use a versioned project for production – you may destroy the integrity of your data set– Versioning can be used in a “production project” only to add a modality to an existing question –