Observation and supervision throughout the fieldwork are a part of the training

Team supervisors play very important roles in continuing this training and in ensuring the quality of data

In addition, supervisors are responsible for the organisation of daily work and for the security of staff and equipment.

Notes from the Field: How to incentivize your survey team

Spot-check household composition

  • Supervisors should complete parts of form and compare with that of the interviewer

  • Check about 5% of households (5-6 per week)

  • All team members must be spot-checked; provide feedback if necessary


  • To evaluate and improve interviewer performance

  • To look for errors and misconceptions that cannot be detected through editing

Evaluating Interviewers Performance

  • Re-read relevant sections from the Interviewer’s Manual with the team to resolve problems

  • Encourage the interviewers to talk about any situations they encountered in the field

  • Discuss whether situations are handled properly, and how to do it in the future

What is to be monitored on daily basis

Daily montoring can be done by downloading data from kobo server and performing a few check…

  • Overall completion rate of the survey according to planned logistics

  • Monitor usage of __or_other_ for questions where selection of modalities is open

  • Monitor usageRespondent refuses to be interviewed

  • Distribution of completion by clusters when the sampling is based on cluster or on strata if stratfied sample

  • Rate of work by teams

  • Synchronization timing - verify Synchronize survey data

Field Check Tables

  • Provide a full range of information about the quality of the data already collected as per above

  • Provide information on the work of each team and each interviewer

  • To be shared on a regular basis

  • Be transparent and report on problems ..before others detect them